A collection of links to various places, first off the sensible, important ones:
The theatre company I run, based in Edinburgh.  We stage several shows a year and I have a few really talented people who are involved in different productions.
A page dedicated to my three shows revealing the secrets behind the psychics.  Seances, Ouija Boards, metal bending, prophecy… all get a rational roasting.
This is a link to twitter.  You know what to do.
Like me, like me, like me!

And now some non me links, but to pages and people that you should non the less check out:

Discover Fine Acting
Danielle is a wonderful actress and her site is frequently updated with many fascinating posts.

Hayley is a Ghost
She isn’t actually a ghost of course, or is she?  Either way, she is one of the UKs top skeptical investigators of paranormal claims.

The 21st Floor
I used to write for these guys, well worth a look if you’re sciency minded, or skeptical of claims.

Edinburgh Skeptics
I can’t forget these people- mainly because I started it and they’ve taken over the running of it superbly, even if they rejected my suggestion for a solid gold memorial bust of yours truly after I stepped down from the committee.

And now some links to various irrelevant sites that I like and well, you might too.  Except for that one person sat just there, you won’t like them.

Cyanide and Happiness
Innappropriate web comic

Amusing articles, obsessed with Batman.


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