A Magician confesses.

I think it is time to talk about something that many magicians like to keep secret but a lot of braver people have tried to expose. I’ve been uncomfortable about the world in which I work for some time now. When I first started in the magic world I looked up to people like Derren Brown, David Copperfield and David Blaine. What they did seemed to defy logic and reality and I had to know what was behind it all.

At the start, I came to magic through an interest in spiritualism, especially what the Victorians would demonstrate and I was desperate to know how they accomplished what they did. Initially I passed it all of as little more than hokey deception and stage magic was where I wanted to be putting my focus so I picked up a magic book. Let me be clear from the outset, these basic level books are really all there is to magic. It is often said that there are only really about a dozen tricks in magic, and that’s quite true. But at that stage I didn’t realise it. I’ve now got in so deep, that stepping back is not easy. I began to look more into the work of Derren Brown. I thought that although it was impressive, what he did, there had to be a natural explanation for it.

Maybe I was just drawn in by the man’s actual mesmerism- something well studied for centuries and developed in the 18th century by Karl Mesmer. He makes no secret of his hypnotism past. I had assumed his wonderful mind reading routines were conducted by using trick decks of cards, or gimmicked boxes worth thousands of pounds. But studying him closer and closer I soon realised that it simply wasn’t possible to do what he did through natural trickery. Some have suggested he uses Neuro Linguistic Programming and this could explain some of his simpler routines, but not all. When he presented, at the end of one show, a scroll that had been sealed inside a hanging box to reveal all of the predictions of the show I was dumbstruck and could not figure out how he did it. What he did was not possible. Unless there was some trick to it.

Take a trip back with me to a few years back. I was supposed to do a magic show for some friends and wanted to have all of their predictions appear on a slip of paper one person had kept for the entire show. But how to accomplish it? This was not covered in those basic magic books so surely the explanation must lie in something else. That was my first real misstep.

Right away I started looking in sections of the internet I had not spent time in and started a conversation on a forum with a user named DarkMagix362. DM claimed he had been using spirit magick in his routines for some time (Spirit Magick is the use of Jinns in the presentation of a trick). I wasn’t entirely sure at first- being an atheist I wasn’t convinced in demonic spirits, nor that they could assist in my routines. DM offered to perform a spell for me on his end, somewhere in America, and that it would guide me and convince me. I wasn’t sold at first and thought he was just some nutter.

On the day of the performance however, I sat for some time beforehand going through the standard routines I wanted to do, but with less than 30 minutes before show time I still hadn’t found a way to get the prediction on the paper before the show. I didn’t think anything of it, and really thought it was a daft idea but for the first time in 20 years I prayed. I prayed. Not to the God of the Bible but to his fallen angels. I can not stress enough how stupid I felt. But then something came over me, something almost tingling. I can’t describe it properly. Its that feeling of when your arm goes to sleep but all over the body. It only lasted a few seconds, but almost immediately I had to pick up a pen. I started writing down a few words, not entirely sure where they came from but they seemed to flow naturally like a stream of consciousness. And then the show began. I handed someone the scrolled up paper and started performing. I had heard about mind reading demonstrations using keys selected some keys from the audience, but not knowing from who, and handing them back by divining who they belonged to. I got a straight hit of 5 out of 5. Its hard to say how that happened, but I just felt a connection between those keys and that person sat there. At the end of the show the scroll was opened and of the predictions I had made for the 6 different routines, I had got 4 out of the 6 predictions correct. By chance alone that is near impossible. I was disappointed not to have got all 6, but this was my first try. I was hooked.

Looking back now, I should have stopped there and then. I should have hung up what I was doing and followed a different path but the acclaim and positive feedback left me needing more. I emailed DM to tell him how well the show went. He assured me that getting a couple wrong is common when you first start down this path and the more faith I put in the Dark Prince the more I would get accurate hits. He advised me to look back at the spiritualists of the 19th century and try to incorporate some of their demonstrations. I started using chalk slates for demonic communication on stage and encouraging my volunteers into this hellish world by including them. I would have them pick a word from a book and within moments that chosen word had materialised in chalk upon the slates. I must stress again that there is no way to accomplish this naturally.

Like a lot of people who follow this path it started to get quite overwhelming. I was advised to look at more and more dangerous routines, assured I would be safe. The first time I hammered a nail in to my skull I was clutching a pentagram ring. Pushing a needle through my arm came next and the blood that dripped from it was saved in a vial.

I had gone too far. I knew my soul was in danger but the rush of adrenaline, the reaction of the crowd was just too much. I craved it like a drug. Eventually I would meet DM in person, he was head of a sect of the Church of Satan in Pennsylvania, and he was visiting Scotland to look at expanding his influence. He wanted ME to head up a sect. I wasn’t sure but then he offered me a chance to increase my skill set. Until now I had been little more than a conduit for an outside force but he assured me I could have more direct control by allying myself with my own Jinn/ Daemon. He helped me prepare, and it was nothing like you see on television. It was nothing more than a few prayers followed by shattering a bulb which he assured me I’d be protected if I ate. I was.

Now I had more influence and could do much more amazing things- such as levitating furniture, or having someone think of a word and be able to instantly tell them what it was. Again, something else not possible by natural means- I took the table cloth off after each levitation to show there were no gimmicks, but people still thought it a trick and nothing more. We now come to today. Having spent hours watching videos on Youtube of preachers denouncing magicians as in league with Satan and then those magicians DENYING it, it went too far. Of course they using Daemons. Derren Brown, Dynamo, all these people are not able to do what they do with skill or practice. They use Daemons. Of course they do. How else do you think they can perform their routines? What, are there online shops where you can buy them or something? eBay? No. I had to speak out. For too long we have held the secrets of magic- have you ever really wondered why magicians are so secretive of their tricks? It is NOT because we want to preserve illusion. And it is definitely NOT because some are actually so simple you’d feel insulted. It is because we can not speak the truth. We are encouraged not to. Why do you think the Magic Circle is a circle? Circles are protective spaces, and we need those as it is not just our own Jinns that we may have to contend with. Some of these tricks are just out of this world, the force involved is too great.

Going over everything here, and looking at what my life has become, I must thank those wise Youtube Vloggers speaking out. They have opened my eyes. No matter how clever we magicians think we are, we will never be able to beat a guy with a Youtube account. After all, what I do cannot possibly be explained by natural means.

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9 Responses to A Magician confesses.

  1. Elliot says:

    I would like to see you make a new youtube video of you performing

  2. david gibbons says:

    How can you denounce it when you’re still doing it? Take responsibility, own it & continue forwards.

  3. riadh says:

    I know its been two years after your post but I can help get out of this.God willing.

  4. G says:

    Can you tell me how to do this please I’m very much interested.

  5. Māris Mols says:

    Do you have any idea, why would demons help magicians? What is the purpose? How do they benefit?
    And have you broken free from their influence?

  6. googlempire says:

    If you know there are demons, then why not turn to God?

  7. Man offaith says:

    God is greater then any thing especially dark powers. They were defeated from the sacrifice of Calvary. Evil will never win, but will be put away never to be let loose again. https://youtu.be/I5XmGNPMrpo

  8. Danny says:

    Life is all sbout money and if it means to use jinns or demons so be it. Nothing will happen to you anyway, people say you will burn in hell for eternity what alot off BS. Can you remember your past life NO so you won’t remember your next life. Do what you have to do to survive. You are you sre getting help of some different soures so what. Today we use calculator to ad numbers not our brain get over it. More people need to use jinns in there lives to have a good life not struggle till there death.

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