The 5p bag and what you could buy instead

Since the five pence bag charge came in to effect in Scotland a while back, things have changed drastically. The once beautiful landscape is now a desolate wasteland where packs of vicious dogs stalk the streets, dragging down anyone foolish enough to venture out after dark. Bag Dealers offer children discounted carrier bags for just 2p, sending them into a spiral of bag addition that leads to harder bags such as Bags for Life and the deadly Tote Bag. This should act as a stark warning to England in its time of sorrow as it to must succumb to the power of Big Bag companies who exist purely for profit, exploiting workers and refusing to double bag your heavy shop unless you pay an additional bag tax. When you look at the stats, each person in England goes through 140 bags a year which will cost a whopping £7.00 a year, the equivalent of THREE AND A HALF bottles of Tesco Crofter’s Apple Cider. Each week alone you are losing out a huge 13p. I thought it only fair to have a look at how this cruel bag tax – the worst since Thatchers Poll Tax- will effect you the consumer and just what you are losing out on. So, let’s see what you could buy instead if it were not for the vicious tax.

PER WEEK (Items 13p or less – not including p&p)

13 Fruit Salads13 fruit salad

Ten Penny Mix
13 ten penny mix

This Men’s Thong
13 thing

This pair of ornamental badgers
13 badgers

Sexy Sailor Hallowe’en Costume
13 sailor

George Michael’s Autobiography
13 michael         

PER MONTH (Items 52p or less – not including p&p)

Access to the Edinburgh Waverley Train Station Toilets (30p plus one penny to spend)
52 loos

A sweet potato
52 potatoTwo Freddos
52 bar

This Iron Man Cape
52 cape

PER YEAR (Items £7.00 or less – not including p&p)

Three and a half bottles of Tesco Crofters Apple Cider
7 cider

A couple of minutes of phone Tarot
7 tarot

A hamster7 hamster

A Nicholas Cage Autograph
7 cage

Two Men’s Snowman Pouches
7 pouch

So there we have it.  Remember the next time that minimum wage worker who is only trying to do their job so they can eat asks you for five pence for a bag then you show them this article.  You will win that argument hands down.  Now go forth and fight the powers!

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