Things that go “bump” in the Night

I’m sure we all remember that scene in Ghostbusters where Ray is dreaming about a ghost hovering above him in bed, psychically unbuttoning and unzipping his trousers before we see Ray’s eyes roll back in ecstasy. Or how about the scene in High Spirits where the ever enchanting Daryl Hannah, having been killed by her vicious 18th century bully of a husband uses her ghost like powers to “Scalp” Steve Guttenberg- a technique which involves the dearly departed Daryl moving her hands through Guttenberg’s body to engage in a bit of supernatural sexual shenanigans. And as far as I’m concerned Casper and Christina Ricci were way too young to be exchanging glances like that. But I’m sure we all thought that was a work of fiction right? RIGHT?


Welcome to the world of “Spectrophilia”.


Spectrophilia is the sexual attraction to, arousal by, and some claim intercourse with ghosts. That’s right, just when you thought necrophilia had gone far enough, some people in the world decided that the dead body just wasn’t dead enough and moved on to the spirit form. There are forums for this, there are groups, there are blogs, there are people who enjoy it. There is no ghost porn however, as your committed and dedicated author I of course searched to verify it’s existence and failed.


When the sexual arousal caused by ghosts is restricted to fantasies and naughty thoughts then it is simply a regular, if slightly bizarre, fetish. But there are people who claim to actually have had a sexual encounter with a ghost or spirit, and sometimes it is not voluntary. There are recorded accounts of women who believe they have actually been raped by a ghost. In 1994 Jill Cook from Blackpool called in several psychics and a priest after claiming that a ghost got into bed with her, removed the towel she had around her head and engaged in an act which Jill described as a “vile sensation”. In the 1980s Mandy Russell was raped at least three times by a poltergeist which had to be exorcised. A woman in 2007 called Esther Jordan wrote on the Ghost Mysteries forum that she had recently suffered a sexual attack by a ghost and asked “Has anyone else gone through this terrible trauma?” She goes on further to say that she believes it to be the ghost of her grandfather who abused her as a child. She had announced the event to her family on his death bed and for several weeks after she felt strange sensations which concluded in the rape. Now any body believing they have been raped is an awful thing and I’m not about to start making crude or offensive innuendos but we must ask, if ghosts do not exist, what was actually going on in these situations?


False memories are well documented and have resulted in false charges being levied against innocent men- one father even sued the NHS after his daughter underwent “Recovered Memory Therapy” which resulted in him being accused of abuse..


Some people even claim to have had sex with ghosts without knowing it. Tirafalo Mokopi, a security guard from Botswana claimed to have made love to a woman that later turned out to be a ghost, he said:


“We were just chatting after having sex and when I lit a match, she was nowhere to be found.”


Apparently the woman could not have left through either the door or window. Another woman claimed that she had sex with someone she thought to be her boyfriend, but when she asked him about it he denied it, leading her to believe it could have been the ghost of a former tenant who had died of a drugs overdose. But getting back to those who knowingly have intercourse with the dearly departed. There are several stories flying around the interwebz featuring women (oddly its mainly women) who claim to have sex with ghosts. What are the explanations for this? Again, we have to accept the possibility they are hallucinating or dreaming. Sexsomnia is a recorded phenomenon where people engage in sexual activity whilst asleep, there is a physical climax and a general feeling of having had sex. If the dream involves the person having sex with a ghost, and there are clear physical signs of sexual activity taking place, it is reasonable to think that these people may combine the two together and bingo, we have a case of someone willingly having sex with a ghost. The experience could also be down to getting so wrapped up in the fantasy that you begin to believe it is real. One boyfriend even discovered his girlfriend had been involved with a ghost sexually:


“I found some torn underwear in her purse the other day and asked why it was torned (sic) and why she kept it. she told me the other day when she was home alone some spirit attacked her and had sex with her and tore it.”


The whole phenomenon of Spectrophilia is bizarre in the extreme and can also be expanded to include those aroused by having sex with a mirror image. Humans have long believed in ghosts and I have heard countless tales of encounters with the here-after, but this is the first occurrence I have come across (pun intended) that really confuses me, to such an extent I can think of little to say on the subject but felt it was certainly something worth bringing to your attention.

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