But I shall not rejoice

I was a child during her days in power, but I still remember her as PM.

Many people hated Margaret Thatcher.  Many hated her as many of us today hate David Cameron.  But when David Cameron dies I will not rejoice.  I will not mourn, but I will not rejoice.

Just as I will not rejoice in Margaret Thatcher dying.

I understand why some people are happy, she was responsible for a lot of damage, the ripples of which are still felt today like a violent aftershock.  But I will not rejoice.

She destroyed unions, attacked the young, the poor, the unemployed.  But I shall not rejoice.

She led us into war, cost many young men and women their lives.  But I shall not rejoice.

She lied and manipulated for political ends.  But I shall not rejoice.

She was the first female PM, but rallied against women’s fight for equality.  But I shall not rejoice.

She oversaw the country in its first, childlike steps toward recession and financial collapse.  But I shall not rejoice.

She took the first steps toward dismantling the NHS.  But I shall not rejoice.

Rejoice if you wish to.  It is your choice.  But I cannot.  I will not tell you that you should not or must not celebrate.  But I will not, and that is my prerogative as much as rejoicing is yours.

I do not mourn her passing, I do not shed a tear, I am not wallowing in joyous memories of Britain’s first female PM.  I am not jumping ecstatically.  Nor am I playing “Ding Dong the witch is dead” on loop.

A person has died.  A person who did a lot of damage.  A person who was a parent, a partner, a friend, a daughter.  A person who was loved by many- despised by others.  I will not publicly rejoice at her passing, my thoughts are with her son who has lost his mother.  With the friends who have lost a confidant.

But I shall not mourn.  Nor shall I rejoice.

Joke if you like.  Speak of how you hated and despised her if that makes you feel better, or smug, or if you just feel like it should be said.

We should not ignore her faults, we should not ignore the cruelty and contempt that she held toward the people of Britain.

But I shall not rejoice.

Lives have been destroyed because of her, but I cannot bring myself to rejoice at her passing.  I have sympathy and I mourn for those harmed by her, but I cannot do the same for her.

But nor can I rejoice.



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One Response to But I shall not rejoice

  1. Well put Ash – I second that emotion.

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